What is ASEAN


Abbreviation for Association of SouthEast Asian Nation


ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nation) is a regional cooperation association formed to promote economic / social / political / security / cultural enhancement in 10 countries in South East Asia.  The headquarters office is located in Jakarta.


From 2009 onward, the United States, China and more than 50 countries have appointed resident ASEAN ambassadors to station in Jakarta headquarters.  Since 2011 May 26th, Mission of Japan to ASEAN has been set up to station Japanese resident ambassador.

The population of the region exceeds 600million, which is larger than the EU population of 500million.  The total GDP is 2 trillion and 1,351 billion US dollars (2011), which is approximately 36% of Japan’s GDP.  If you consider ASEAN as one country, it will rank 8th in the world.


Partnership between Japan and ASEAN


 ASEAN and Japan‘s cooperative partnership began in 1973 with the establishment of ASEAN-Japan forum on synthetic rubber and 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of the relations.  Through the years, ASEAN and Japan have forged close cooperation towards peace, stability, development and prosperity in Asia and they have also established close business partnership.  To enhance and further strengthen the partnership, by facilitating interaction in the cultural field, especially through music, we will host “Japan-ASEAN Music Festival” aiming to better the government relationship as well as private intercommunication.